Global Patient Care

Begin your journey to brain health – in Southern California.

No matter what corner of the globe you’re in, the caregivers at Kaizen Brain Center are here to care for you.


Some brain conditions need specialized care that may not be offered where you live — our caregivers provide cutting-edge treatment that is world-renowned. 

Kaizen Brain Center’s caregivers come from all parts of the globe — near and far. We are sensitive to cultural differences, ensuring you are comfortable with your care.

We know it can be difficult to navigate life away from home. Global Patient Care (GPC) can guide you through the process and help you with your needs — from billing to finding a place to stay to recommending a restaurant for dinner.

Global Patient Care offers:

Virtual appointments: You can begin your journey from the comfort of your home. Your first step to care with Kaizen Brain Center is a virtual appointment and, if appropriate for your needs, we will work with you to treat you in Southern California.

Take the first step and make a virtual appointment.

Taking the first step can be difficult. A virtual appointment is your first step to treatment and relief — we make that easy for you.

The caregivers at Kaizen Brain Center provide expert diagnoses and create personalized treatment plans to care for all brain and neurological needs. Certain medical issues require specialized treatment — the experts at Kaizen Brain Center provide world-renowned care in Southern California.

And, our Global Patient Care will guide you every step of the way. You won’t be alone in your healthcare journey.

Request a Virtual Appointment.

A member of the GPC team will contact you within one business day after receiving your request. Please be ready to discuss the information in depth:

  • Medical concern and healthcare information.
  • Insurance information. (if applicable)
  • Travel to the United States.

Schedule a Virtual Appointment

We will arrange a virtual appointment with a caregiver specializing in your medical needs. Please be ready to discuss your medical history, previous treatments, and desired outcomes.

Receive Proposed Treatment Plan and Cost Estimate

Following the appointment, you will receive a detailed treatment plan along with information about your designated caregiver. Additionally, we will provide you with a cost estimate for your medical care.

Confirm your visit and payment.

  • A 14-day confirmation is required prior to your arrival.
  • Self-pay patients will need to pay the full amount due before arriving at Kaizen Brain Center.

Kaizen Brain Center care.

  • Once you arrive at Kaizen Brain Center, your journey to healing will begin with your prescribed treatment plan for the duration of your care.
  • Translation assistance will be provided if necessary.

Leave and travel home when your care is complete.

  • Your care team will provide you with prescription medications, follow-up care instructions and your medical information.
  • We will ensure that you have all necessary medical records, prescriptions and follow-up instructions from your care team.
  • Your journey with Kaizen Brain Center isn’t complete once you’re home — our caregivers are available for virtual visits and additional support if needed.

A home away from home

California is one of the few places in the world that offers a vast array of cultural diversity. For many nationalities, California has the next largest population outside of their home country. Southern California is a giant melting pot where you will feel right at home.

GPC concierge will help:

  • Coordinate virtual appointments.
  • Provide translation services. (if needed)
  • Explain and coordinate billing and payment options.
  • Provide resources for banking, and how to open a U.S. bank account.
  • Schedule and coordinate medical appointments.
  • Provide hotel/housing/transportation assistance and recommendations.
  • Assist with religious requests/recommendations.

Financial Information

GPC provides concierge financial assistance to make this part of your treatment up front and easy to understand. We will work with you to determine if your medical treatment will be covered by you, your insurance or your Embassy.

GPC will assist you with your financial responsibility by:
  • Providing financial information and explaining responsibility and the processes.
  • Assisting with charge estimates and insurance/embassy benefit verification.
  • Providing you with a consolidated billing statement.

Once you receive your financial statement for the care you received, Kaizen Brain Center accepts various payment options depending on your preference.

Kaizen Brain Center accepts the following forms of payment:
  • Cash (U.S. dollars).
  • Credit card (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa).
  • Certified check (personal check from a U.S. bank/Traveler’s Checks).
  • Wire transfer.
Payment can also be made via Kaizen Brain Center website.

Travel and Accommodation

A therapeutic location
Kaizen Brain Center is located in La Jolla — a coastal area in San Diego, California that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It’s famous for seals and sea lions resting on the beach and rocks in front of the town, and is one of the most popular tourist areas in the county.

Breathing in the fresh ocean air and enjoying the beauty of the area is therapeutic for your mind, body and soul and enhances the trusted care you’ll receive at Kaizen Brain Center.

Airports close to Kaizen Brain Center include:
  • San Diego International Airport (SAN): 20 minutes away.
  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX): 2 hours away.
  • Brown Field Muni Airport (SDN): 50 minutes away.
  • Gillespie Field Airport (SEE): 24 minutes away.


GPC concierge service can work with you to help find proper living accommodations for the duration of your stay depending on your need and comfort level. Kaizen Brain Center has partnered with hotels in Southern California offering preferential rates for our International patients.

  • San Diego Marriott La Jolla
  • The Lodge at Torrey Pines

Caring for you

Our goal is to facilitate the treatment necessary for your healing journey. Take the initial step by scheduling a virtual appointment with our dedicated caregivers at Kaizen Brain Center, who will support you throughout your healthcare process. We look forward to providing the care you need in Southern California.