Robert Fox, MD, PhD Board Certified Rheumatologist

Robert Fox, MD, PhD is a board-certified rheumatologist (also internal medicine) with a special interest in Sjögren’s Syndrome.

His past training includes a combined MD-PhD from Harvard Medical School (Ph.D. In Molecular Biology and Virology). After completing his postdoctoral training (internship, residency, fellowship, and faculty in the Rheumatology Department) at Stanford University, he took a combined clinical and research position at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation as a Skaggs Endowed Fellow.

This position allowed him to interact with the basic and applied clinical research faculty of Scripps Research Foundation and with the UCSD and Salk Institute research groups and to direct the Scripps General Clinic Research Center.

He has served in both Doctors Without Borders and World Health Organization in under-served countries and has been involved in new drug development through his scientific collaborations.

He serves on Advisory Committees at the National Institute of Health and the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and was awarded the Broadhurst Distinguished Alumni Award from Harvard Medical School for these activities.

He enjoys traveling with his wife (an RN) to practice medicine worldwide and has three married girls and now five grandchildren.

He has worked extensively in this country (including three months in the Navajo Nation) and around the world (China, Vietnam, India, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Israel, the Middle East (including in refugee camps in Jordan), South America, Europe, and Australia (including the aborigine populations).

He is continually humbled by the knowledge and commitment of the local physicians he works with and is excited to have the opportunity to interact with outstanding faculty at Kaizen Brain Center, where he is exposed to new horizons of immunology from a Neurologic point of view.



Bachelor of Science in Biophysics, Summa Cum Laude, University of Michigan

Combined Medical Scientist Degree Program (MD and Ph.D.) Harvard Medical School

Internship, Fellowship in Rheumatology and Assistant Professor, Stanford University Medical School

Member, Department of Medicine (Clinical) and Immunology (Research) at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation


Broadhurst Distinguished Faculty Alumni Award, Harvard Medical School

Skaggs Fellowship in Clinical Research, Scripps Clinic, and Research Foundation

Honorary Memberships: Chinese Institute of Medicine, Indian Academy of Rheumatology

Visiting Professorships: Cambridge University, Oxford University, All India Research Institute, Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Mayo Clinic.

External Advisory Committees: National Institutes of Health and Food and Drug Administration (including the College of Center for Biological Agents, which provides lectures on updates in rheumatology)

American College of Rheumatology and Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation, including the joint committee for clinical trials and coordination with the American Academy of Neurology