Let’s beat depression with SAINT


A 5-Day Treatment for Depression

The SAINT (Stanford Accelerated Intelligent Neuromodulation Treatment) neuromodulation system delivers an FDA-cleared MRI-guided theta-burst stimulation for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD). Kaizen Brain Center is very proud to be one of the four sites to offer this innovative treatment.

SAINT embodies a new model in mental health care, providing a fast and efficient treatment for those suffering from depression. Its scientific discipline, simplicity, and effectiveness make it a breakthrough intervention for people struggling with depression.


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What is SAINT?

Developed by the doctors at Stanford University, SAINT is a cutting-edge intervention for the treatment of depression using theta burst brain stimulation, which is a form of  Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). SAINT is different from the traditional TMS: targeted and accelerated. Traditional TMS which does not target individual depression spot using an MRI scan and is usually one treatment each day. SAINT targets individualized depression spot and uses ten treatments each day, and the entire treatment is complete in just five days. The “intelligent” component of SAINT is due to the AI algorithms that process brain activity data to adjust the stimulation parameters for each patient. 

What is the process?

SAINT therapy uses structural and functional MRI scans to identify the location of the optimal spot in the individual’s brain to treat depression, which will be targeted for focused neurostimulation. 

The targeting process helps identify each patient’s location and correct stimulation dosing. A specialized pattern of magnetic pulses is then delivered to cause neurons to fire and rebuild connectivity.

Initial Step

Patients will have a consultation with a psychiatrist at Kaizen Brain Center to see if SAINT is the right treatment for their depression. Once selected for SAINT, they go through the SAINT process of getting the MRI and setting up treatment planning.


Day 1

Initial Assessment: Baseline assessments.

Brain Mapping: SAINT, employing advanced neuroimaging approaches, maps a patient’s brain activity to locate the areas involved in depression.

Treatment Planning: Using brain mapping results, a personalized treatment plan is designed to address the specific areas of the brain for neuromodulation.

Treatment: The patients start to receive SAINT Treatment nearly ten hours a day for five days, undergoing treatment for 10 minutes per hour with 50 minute of break. 

Day 2

Continued Treatment: Patients will complete ten sessions for the day

Day 3

Continued Treatment: Patients will complete ten sessions for the day

Day 4

Continued Treatment: Patients will complete ten sessions for the day

Day 5

Final Evaluation: The patient is subject to a final assessment to evaluate the efficacy of the SAINT treatment in relieving depressive symptoms.

Discharge Planning: Upon informed treatment outcomes, the patient and healthcare team consult and develop the post-treatment support care plan for the patient’s mental well-being.

Science behind SAINT

In a double-blinded randomized controlled trial (RCT) evaluating SAINT, 79% of people in the active treatment arm entered remission of depression symptoms following the five-day treatment protocol, compared to people in the sham (placebo) arm, where only 13% entered remission.

The SAINT neuromodulation system has additionally been studied in non-RCT (open- label) studies. Overall, the therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of MDD, with approximately 80-90% of patients achieving remission following the five- day treatment protocol. Similar to rTMS, accelerated TMS sessions are brief, and the most common side effect is scalp irritation.


Is SAINT different from the traditional TMS?

Yes. Traditional TMS does not target depression spot using an MRI scan and is usually one treatment each day. SAINT targets individualized depression spot and uses ten treatments each day. 

Who can Benefit from SAINT Depression Treatment?

SAINT is for anyone who has depression and wants quick relief without medications or someone who has struggled with depression despite several medications or other interventions. 

What are the risks?

SAINT, which is approved by the FDA, is considered a safe and effective treatment for depression, though, like any medical procedure, there are risks and side effects to consider. The common side effects might be mild irritation or headache in the area of stimulation, muscle spasms, or transient disturbances of hearing or vision. 

What to expect during treatments?

Patient will spend almost ten hours Monday through Friday getting treatment every hour for almost 10 minutes. Patients will be provided a private suite to relax between treatments or choose to go for a walk around our beautiful La Jolla surroundings.

International Patients Welcome

Are you considering treatment at Kaizen Brain Center from outside the United States? We are dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients from around the globe. Our Global Patient Care program is designed to assist international patients throughout their journey.

Explore our advanced therapies, including the FDA-cleared SAINT Neuromodulation System for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). This innovative treatment combines MRI-guided precision with specialized neurostimulation techniques to target depression effectively.

Learn more about our Global Patient Care services and start your path to improved brain health at Kaizen Brain Center.

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