Kaizen concierge nutrition services


Research shows that fueling the brain with the right foods can enhance normal cognitive functioning and productivity and, for individuals who have experienced a head injury, can lead to significant improvement in persistent post-concussive symptoms such as mood dysregulation, debilitating migraine headaches, and memory/cognitive problems.

At Kaizen Brain Center, our dietitian specializes in cognitive health and provides concierge nutrition services as an integral component of our comprehensive treatment modalities.

Benefits of Evidence-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes

  • Enhanced Executive Functioning – Customized meal planning helps high-functioning professionals improve cognitive functioning for optimal productivity.
  • Professional/Recreational Athletes – Sports nutrition enhances performance, decreases risk of injury, and promotes healing from injury.
  • Brain Injury – A modified nutrition plan boosts brain healing.
  • Mood and Emotion Dysregulation – Patients learn to avoid foods that trigger negative changes to mood and affect.
  • Cognitive Decline/Memory Changes – A diet plan is tailored to meet the needs of newly diagnosed patients with neurodegenerative or memory disorders.
  • Migraine Headaches – Patients learn about foods, intake patterns, and lifestyle factors that may trigger headaches, as well as habits and supplements that can decrease migraine frequency and severity.

Our Concierge Nutrition and Lifestyle Services

Individual Counseling

  • Comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle assessment
  • Toolkit to drive the prescribed nutritional plan

Home Visits − Nutrition Role-Modeling & Counseling

  • Learn to read and understand food labels and receive guidance on healthy meal preparation in the comfort of your own home.
  • Have our registered dietitian assess your pantry and refrigerator to help you eliminate the foods that don’t support good brain health.
  • Take a trip to the supermarket with our registered dietitian to learn about healthy food selections and to inspire meal planning and fun menu options.

Cognitive Health Nutrition Group Workshops, Seminars, and Courses

  • Separating Fads from Facts: An Evidence-Based Review of Popular Nutrition Trends
  • Protective Foods for Individuals at Risk for Brain Disease
  • Nutrition for Healing After a Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion
  • Employee/Corporate Wellness & Nutrition
  • Sports Performance & Nutrition
  • Food and Mood: Optimal Nutrition for Mental Health
  • Nutrition for Migraine Prevention
  • Memory-Boosting Nutrition
  • Mindful Eating

Contact Kaizen to ask about upcoming nutrition events or to request a facilitated nutrition workshop at your site.