How to Manage and Live with PTSD

PTSD is an anxiety disorder, and it can affect any regardless of age. You can have this mental condition after experiencing a traumatic event. You can also have this problem without your direct involvement with the event. Bad childhood experiences can cause this condition as well. In most cases, one develops such a mental condition after witnessing a series of stressful events. For example, repeated bullying and insecure childhood can lead to this mental condition. 

Once you have this anxiety disorder, you might find it hard to live a healthy and happy life. You might experience low self-esteem, insomnia, and other health complications. Most importantly, you will be emotionally vulnerable to small things. You might face a lot of challenges while dealing with a minor problem. Hence, you will have to understand that your brain has changed its structure. It will not behave in the way it should. Therefore, you will have to take care of your brain health. You might not find it easy, but it is not impossible as well. You can treat your condition and get the needed support from healthcare professionals and your friends.

The anxiety might make you restless, and you might be having flashbacks. You may feel depressed and helpless on many occasions. First, you will have to understand your symptoms before planning the next step. You will have to focus on your brain health. As your brain is not working well, you will have to control the emotions before they become heavy on you. In the following, we will cover more details.

 Is There Any Treatment for PTSD?

Yes, there are treatments for this anxiety disorder. Many people ignore the symptoms and do not look for treatment options. However, you will feel much better with proper treatment. Medications can improve your mental health. Also, you can consider behavioral therapy. Other available treatment options are prolonged exposure therapy and cognitive processing therapy. You can try eye movement desensitization and stress inoculation training as well. Yes, these therapies will reframe the memories of traumatic incidents. Also, you will learn new ways to feel better and manage your emotions.

You might not find treatments easy since you will have to go through all the memories. However, treatments will reshape your brain, and you will feel better gradually. You will have to accept the truth if you want some positive improvements. With treatment, you will notice a difference in your thought within a few weeks. However, some might take time to experience positive results. Hence, you will have to work consistently to live a positive life.

 How to Live a Normal Life

You need to follow a routine to develop positive thoughts. You might prefer to avoid such situations that trigger anxiety. However, this behavior will not help you to treat the condition. It might even worsen your mental health. Hence, you will have to follow your routine and embrace the situations.

Many PTSD patients do not share their symptoms out of fear. You will have to break this mental barrier and ask for help. If you cannot concentrate on a specific setting, you can request a quieter room. Once you start sharing your feeling, you will feel better. Your circle might help you to manage symptoms.

You will need the support of your family and friends to feel better. If your family offers you a helping hand whenever needed, you might recover fast. If you do not have this, you can join some support groups and forums. You will feel better while going through the challenges and recovery journey of others.

In addition to all these, you will have to avoid alcohol and drugs. You will have to understand that alcohol will not treat your anxiety. It will aggravate symptoms. Many try to escape from that feeling and drink alcohol to feel better. But alcohol can be dangerous. Once you start having this, it might take longer for you to recover from your mental condition.


If you have PTSD, you will have to accept it and face the challenges. PTSD can develop negative feelings such as frustration, anger, and guilt. You cannot surrender yourself to those feelings. Remember that it is not your action that causes such feelings. It is your mental disorder that makes you vulnerable emotionally. Also, PTSD will change your brain structure. Yes, your brain will look different physically. Understand your mental condition and try all the possible ways to improve it.