Ingrid Estrella Contreras Clinical Program Manager

Ingrid Estrella Contreras is a passionate and dedicated Bay Area native with a strong academic and professional background. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University, where she was an active member of the spirited Nittany Lions community. With a genuine interest in understanding the human mind and behavior, Ingrid has spent the past seven years immersing herself in the field of research, focusing on areas such as Veteran care and Substance Abuse treatment.

Having honed her skills and knowledge through hands-on experiences, Ingrid also gained invaluable expertise while working at a prominent TMS lab in Charleston, South Carolina. Her commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement is evident in her aspiration to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, seeking to make a lasting impact in the lives of those in need.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ingrid has a multifaceted personality that extends to various interests and hobbies. An accomplished writer, she has contributed to local news publications, showcasing her flair for journalism. In her leisure time, you might find her exploring the vibrant underwater world through snorkeling adventures, cherishing the company of her beloved cat, or experimenting with her culinary skills in the kitchen.

Currently serving as the Program Manager at Kaizen Brain Center, Ingrid’s devotion to providing top-notch care for each patient who walks through the clinic’s doors is truly commendable. With a compassionate heart and a keen understanding of patient needs, she ensures that every individual receives personalized attention and support on their journey to improved mental health.